About Whatever's Left

Amazing gig in O'Ceallaighs Irish Pub Groningen with great audience! - Whatever's Left
Photo made by John Huff

Who We Are

It’s the same shite, a different night! The more the merrier while dancing on the devils dance floor! Drinking barrels of whiskey straight from the jar. We’re going out in style till the hangover comes around and drunken lullabies remain. 


Whatever's Left is an upcoming Irish Folk Rock band based in Groningen (The Netherlands). At the moment, we play covers from bands like Flogging Molly, Fiddlers Green, Dropkick Murphys and Alestorm.


The band consists of the following members:

Anton van der Veer - Bassguitar and Lead Vocal

Derk van der Wijk - Whistles, Accordeon and Lead Vocal

Jelmer Huijink - Drums and Cajon

Jesper Weerheijm - Banjo, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar and Backing Vocal

Liam Bergsma - Guitar and Backing Vocal

Tim David Buurke - Guitar


Whatever's Left loves to play at many different places. Not only on festivals and larger bars, but also in smaller pubs, on markets, terraces, private parties or simply on the street. Therefore the band ajusts itself to the location.


- Full band -

For the bigger stages and the best party, the band comes in full formation. This means a full-size drumkit, electric guitar and bass guitar. The perfect way to build a big party!


- (Semi)acoustic -

For smaller stages, bars and pubs we have a semi-acoustic bandsetting. This setting is adjustable to the loacation and occasion. Options are a smaller drumkit or cajon, acoustic guitars instead of electric when needed etc. The perfect option for medium and smaller parties. 


- Unplugged -

For the smallest events we have an unplugged option. On cajon, acoustic guitar and acoustic bass we can play almost anywhere. Like markets, terraces, campfires or just on the street.